The Kansas All World Beauties Pageant is a celebration of Kansas women from all diverse backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and ages. It’s an opportunity for women to express their beliefs, views, and service to the state and the nation. The elegance, beauty, charm, and charisma of the Kansas woman will be awarded that night by being crowned the state titleholder. Through her femininity she will represent the people of Kansas throughout her reign, as well at the United States All World Beauties Pageant. This is a celebration of the sunflower lady. The lady that is able to touch lives through her words, capture the eyes of the people through her beauty, change the lives of thousands through her service, and inspire millions through her smile and values.

Represent your city, town, or county by competing against other amazing women. This will change your life, and give you memories to last a lifetime. Every girl deserves to wear a crown, every girl deserves to feel like a queen, and every girl deserves to be celebrated.

Join this great opportunity!